Pokemon Opal(e) is it fake??

Yes it is, there is no such thing as pokemon "OPAL"

I found this and decided to research:

My name’s Gen and I’m one of the journalists of Pokémon Trash, a French internet web-site specialised in Pokémon. Why did I choose Pokémon Trash? Thanks to the liberty of expression and I have no delay concerning my articles. Important when you’re a busy guy (--. Moreover, as I live in Japan currently, I am more or less responsible of the news concerning Japan during my free time.
How can I prove it? Simple => ??????????????????????????*??????????????????????? ??

Okay, Just to speak about the real subject of this article. I had a business trip with my company or Tuesday and Monday. You can sum up that by having a boring 4-hour meeting with Japanese guys specialized in market negotiations, so not so wonderful thing, is it ? The good part in business trip is that I negociated the second day off to because of a special event. Tomy (??????) and AQ interactive (AQ????????) presented a new game in their office on Wednesday evening for the event called summer business-talk meeting 2007 (?????????? ????=???????*????natsu shoudan kai).

Impatient, I was expecting the new game that all the websites talked about for few weeks, so you can imagine my deception when I saw a poor arcade game… I hoped that Nintendo will talk about this game a bit before that the new Corocoro will be published (next saturday). How can you imagine as I was deceived after discovering this F****** ***T of Pokémon Battrio.

To be shorter, after the presentation of this shitty Pokémon Battrio, I walked around the room to try to ask questions. And I caught the attention of one of the responsible of the public relations, a young girl, because I began to talk to her in Japanese. You can’t imagine how it is an advantage in Tokyo to be a foreigner and to speak Japanese!!! So, not to give details about my private life…

I told her how I was deceived about this presentation; I was expecting the new pokemon game. To be a foreigner and to speak Japanese, this fact is enough rare in Tokyo to be noticed. But if you are at a pokemon event and you say that you work for a French website because you are a fan of pokemon. It’s a privilege for a Japanese girl to speak with this kind of gaijin (????????foreigner). So, I caught her phone number and we began to be closer to each other.

The power of a foreigner is great!!! As she was a member of the staff, she told me that at the beginning the meeting speaker wanted to do a surprise to everybody, but plans changed at the last moment because of a strategical problem with Corocoro.

By being closer, I convinced her to tell me more about that, so she led me to a small office hidden behind the meeting place.
We entered. She put out of a bag written Nintendo on it a kind of box. I couldn’t recognize it at the beginning. But when I saw what it was really, I just couldn’t believe it was the truth!!!

She let me take 1 picture. And here it is!!!!!! This picture is easily understandable by itself!!!!

(Just look at the picture up, guy!!! The black border is to respect the anonymity of the japanese girl and also because of the sponsoring of this site… you can see the girl’s hand on the original picture…)

This is the OPALE version!!!
The equivalent of Emerald version but for the Fourth Generation !!!! The last information is that a kind of Battle Frontier will be created for this version. With a Wi-Fi fonction? Just enjoy!!

You can easily understand now why I can’t say the name of this girl. ?????????????

I forgot that I will have on Saturday morning the real Corocoro with more information about this game. Or not ?
I did some research and there is NO fact that this is real even is the game, maybe later in 2010 or 2011, but for now fake. You can realize how, Giratina has been used already they WOULDN'T make it again. ((see picture below)). Search on the internet there is no REAL prof.
The game 'Cover'